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Backend down again

Vicare/Vitoguide again not reachable:





ah, dann liegt es nicht an mir. Habe gerade schon 2 mal das gesamte System neu gestartet.

Ist ja leider nicht das erste Mal, dass der Server von Viessmann Urlaub macht.

Das Backend ist erreichbar, es scheint temporär nur RF-Module zu betreffen.


Schalten bitte mal das WLAN/ Internet an der Anlage aus, starte den Router und falls vorhanden, den Repeater einmal neu und schalte anschließend das WLAN/ Internet an der Anlage wieder ein.


Gruß Benjamin vom Customer-Care-Team 

Das funktioniert leider nicht. Habe meinen Router neu gestartet und auch die Anlage anschließend nochmal. Noch immer keine Verbindung.

Same here.


Ever heard about SLA's Viessmann? Doesn't seem like it

@TakieYC: Du kennst deine Ansprechpartner in Belgien. 😉


@Tom1106: Poste bitte mal die Herstellnummer von deinem Kommunikationsmodul. 


Zuvor aber bitte Schritt für Schritt so vorgehen, wie ich es geschrieben habe. 

Die Probleme im Backend, die RF-Module betreffend, befinden sich bereits in Bearbeitung, so unsere Entwickler eben.
Ich gehe daher davon aus, dass deine Anlage ohne dein Zutun bald wieder online sein wird.

Ah that's right how could I forget. Non German customers get even less proper support, feedback and working features.

It happens again!!
I know I don't have to write here, I'm from Romania.
But Viessmann servers are not in Romania!
Severals problems are known by Viessmann Romania but unsolvable by them.

Thanks for understanding!
Sebastian Vlaicu


Same again here.


Like all things Viessmann: very unprofessional. The prices you pay are completely outrages compared to the service and features you get.

Same problem in Bucharest, Romania. At least now I can see the backend maintenance notification. For the past hour everything was frozen.

With my previous Google Nest system I had this once in 3 years, once. With Viessmann I cannot count on both hands any longer how many outages or server maintenance crap I had in 10 months.


The want to play “connected services” and “smart home” with the big boys. But they lack all knowledge in these fields. Better just stick to making boilers and provide us with open protocols so we can buy decent control systems!!!

You can try to have Tado installed along with Viessmann. It can connect to KM bus and it works just fine. Better than Nest and Netatmo if you ask me.

Latest Vitodens 2xx (which I have) do no longer support km-bus, opentherm or any other open protocol for that matter. They force you to buy there own expensive Vicare crap that they barely continue to develop, support and maintain.


Only way for me to use things like tado, netatmo, nest,.. would be with basic on/off control. No modulation.

I use Vitodens 100 B1KF with WIFI + one ViCare Smart Climate moduland. The modulation part works well, the flow temperature being adjusted depending on the temperature measured in the room where the thermostat is installed.

Well this is strange. Especially since Viessmann Belgium is still promoting Tado on their site: I have 200 WB2 an Tado works just fine.

Tado has to update their product to support the new Viessmann Plus-Bus.

I've got a Vitodens B2LF. For this model and all other newer models they had the brilliant idea to drop OpenTherm and KM-Bus entirely (so no more modulating 3rd party solutions) and promote there underdeveloped overpriced Vicare solutions exclusively.


Indeed it has something they call "Plus-Bus". Some proprietary Viessmann nonsense with zero documentation and support that nobody uses. I don't think even Viessmann knows any more what it is.

The server is currently again down

And it's down again. Since yesterday evening.

Hello TakieYC,


thats right, our Dev Team is working on solving the issue, sorry for the inconveniences.


Best regards

I've found a picture from Viessmann's server room:


And it's down again.

It's again that time of the month: server is down

@TakieYC  schrieb:

I've found a picture from Viessmann's server room:



I suppose, somone is running to MediaMarkt to buy spare parts.