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Important news about our APIs and Viessmann related announcements

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The Viessmann API

The Viessmann API

Ask your questions and start discussions around the Viessmann API

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Feedback API

Feedback API

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endpoint empty

From yesterday there is no data here.Someone facing the same issue? {"feature": "heating.compressors.1.statistics","gatewayId": "-","deviceId": "0","timestamp": "2024-02-22T05:56:06.523Z","isEnabled": false,"isReady": true,"apiVersion": 1,"uri": "htt...

Heating API - Set heating to off / on

I have an automation model in Node Red. I would like to include some new logic which requires the ability to set the heat on / off as per the ViCare app. I have not been able to find the correct API either from Postman or the API documentation. Any h...

hoursLoadClass*-Abfrage funktioniert nicht mehr

Hallo zusammen,ich nutze die API quasi seit sie existiert. Seit dem 09.10.2023 funktioniert die Abfrage der "hoursLoadClass*" nicht mehr. Ich habe mir jetzt noch keine Details angesehen, scheinbar hat sich das Rückgabeobjekt verändert, der Wert ist n...

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heating.power.consumption.dhw via API

Hi, I'm developing an app for Homey to read data and control my Viessmann Vitocal 222-A AWOT-E-AC 221-A16.I have tried to find the answer in the forum but since I don't speak German it is hard to understand all the answers. I'm looking for the possib...