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Vitodens 222-F no longer works with ViCare app

Dear community,


I am a owner of Vitodens 222-F boiler and use the ViCare app on Android.


Since 22 February 2024 the app has stopped working properly. During that time no changes have been made to either the boiler or the IT environment in the house. On the boiler side, there is a message that it IS connected to the network and to the backend.


On the ViCare app side it says that the there is an error in my installation and that my house is empty.


The strange thing is that in the ViCare app I can choose to reset communication module and it works! I can see the wifi icon on the boiler dissappear and re-appear again. It seems to me that communication between the boiler and Viessmann network is established.


What I have tried to do so far (without success):

1) connecting the boiler communication module to a different router and a different internet provider

2) updating the application (current version 3.26.1)

3) unregistering the gateway in the app and re-registering it

4) deleting all app data, cache, user account on the phone and configuring everything from scratch


I would be extremely grateful for any help!


Thank you in advance,