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Error A9 and EEV 05 333-G


Now my new heat pump stops with A9 and EEV 05 every day. What does that even mean? And what should I troubleshoot? Please help.


Hello zoo,


as we could see from our system,  your facility is located in Sweden.

Please contact the responsible colleagues about this.



Best regards


Is the error messages different between Sweden and Germany?

Replying to myself. 

A community, should be including and helpful. I found the answer neither including of helpful. So I will share my troubleshooting here. For the community.


So. If you look into the graph. You can see that it stopped not even running the compressor at 100%. Temps from the well was -1.2 and -6.3. I have had lower temps when it was colder, so nothing really new other than that the pump throws a9 and EEV 05.



If anyone can chime in. In what scenarios can the pump throw those two messages? If I know that I can start logging those specific parameters.

Replying to myself again. I checked the message log and I actually have more error codes this time. 07,05,C9,AC.

If anyone knows what they mean. I'm happy to get the German error description 🙂


And is it possible to program the machine to restart? I will be skiing in Austria next week and I don't want my house to freeze while I'm away.






Here is also the log data for hot gas etc. for tonights stop.