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My Vitoconnect doesn't connect to wifi

I've tried connecting both via http://viessmann.gateway as well as ViCare. I add the correct password and SSID but still the Vitoconnect doesn't connect. It just shuts of it's own access mode, blinks for a while, then go back to being in access mode. I'm guessing it is trying to connect but fails. What could be a reason for it not wanting to connect to my wifi?


I have a Xiaomi AX3600 router and using the 2.4Ghz network.




Hello eriksri,


in this community we can only support devices sold and operated in Germany since we have no access to devices and accounts located outside of Germany. Please contact your regional service via mail, you can find the address on the Viessmann homepage of your country under "Contact".


Best regards,
Chris - Customer Care Team