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Vitocal 60-A "F-connector"

I recently purchaced a Vitocal 60-A boiler and I want to integrate it in Home Assistant to achieve to goals:

1) use my PV energy when I have overproduction

2) shut-off the boiler when I'm using to much grid energy (to prevent spikes which cost money in Belgium).


In the manual of the 60-A I see a 'F-Connector' used for PV installation and after some searching i found the cable (ZK02660) which can be used to short pin 1 and 2 to instruct the boiler to 'overheat'.

In the manual of the Vitotronic I see a 4 pin connector also used for heatpump installations with a matrix to select 4 modes (contact 1/contact 2):

- open-open --> normal

- closed-open --> power off

- open-closed --> increase to set temp

- closed-closed --> increase to max temp.

Mode 3 seems to match with what is achieved with cable ZK02660 although that closed pin 1 and 2.



- is the F-connector the one that would also be connected to a Vitotronic?

- Does the Vitocal 60-A also supports these listed 4 modes?

-  If it supports is, is it correct that pin 1/2 equals floating contact 2 (D) as described in the manual of the vitotronic and pin 3/4 contact 1 (C)?

- If this is the case, is my assumption that for instance using a shelly 2P could be used to direct the Vitocal 60-A remotly in one of the 4 modes?



Hello mhaket,


the functions of your DHW heat pump cannot be equated with the functions of the Vitotronic control unit.


Many greetings