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Vitocal 250-A mit 3F Victron MPII



we have installed Vitocal 250-A for a customer with PV based on Victron.

Where should I install the E380 CW. As far as I know, there should be 2 of them based on this schematic:

Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 14.18.33.png


However, the Victron has a bit different wiring:

Screenshot 2024-02-24 at 14.22.34.jpeg

So, where should I install 2x E380 CW?





Hello Jakub,


To use the internal energy management and the PV function of the Vitocal 250-A, an energy meter is required at the mains connection point and one in the PV supply line.


Best regards

Hello Jakub,

what is the goal?

-only show the 250-A in VRM Portal?

-or do some PV over capacity management?


The House and 250-A are connected to AC IN  our AC Out as a critical load of the MP2?



@Flo_Schneider Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes, I know that there should be 2 energy meters. I have both of them. The problem is where to install them. 

The first energy meter is located on the main connection point. That is no problem.

The problem is the second energy meter. In the schematic from Viessmann, the schema is:

  1. main connection
  2. energy meter 1
  3. Heat pump (and the rest of the house)
  4. energy meter 2
  5. PV inverter

However, the customer has the schema different:

  1. main connection - OK
  2. energy meter 1 - OK
  3. PV inverter Victron - that is different from the Viessmann schematic
  4. possibly energy meter 2
  5. Heat pump and the rest of the house.

So in this kind of set up:

  • the energy management doesn't show any PV in ViCare app
  • it shows 2x the energy consumption when there is no sun (only power from the grid)
  • it doesn't show any data in energy management when the house and heat pump are fed by the PV

You can see the difference in the pictures I posted before.

@qwert089 Hello,

there are 2 goals:

  • to show the correct data in energy managemnet in ViCare app for the customer
  • to use the maximum of the energy from PV

Everything is connected to AC Out as critical load. So if there is a power failure from the Grid, everything can run on batteries including the heat pump.


Personally I have a Vitocal 200 with WO1C in my house, I also have Victron and everything on AC Out (including the Vitocal), however, the WO1C need only 1 smart meter. The new One Base regulation needs 2 of them, which is quite tricky. 


the PV Pannels are connect on DC with MPPT Solar charger directly to the battery , or with AC Inverter on AC IN?

IF AC Inverter, you can put the Smarmeter there.



could you please give us some more details about the Scenario "Drittanbieter Wechselrichter"

and the diagramm Jakub postet.


In case of the Victron  we are not able the get the solar Power with the left Smartmeter, if he use  DC Charger.

(it would be possibel by Modbus from the MP2 directly, but without a custom midleware we can not connect to the 250A, I know some people using openE3 to connect MP2 and 250-A directly)


Does the 250-A PV Energery management also work with one Smartmeter ?

Or what influence has the value of the Solar power Smartmeter?

What will happen if it's missing?

What will happen if Jakub install both Smartmeter on the right hand side at the Grid-point?

The Energery management should start to speed up the Heatpump  if there is a feed in (> xWatt)  at the Grid-point. Normaly this could be done without the second Smartmeter.

What is it doing?



Thank you


BR Michael 





@qwert089 the MPPT is connected directly to batteries, so there is no place to install the second smart meter.

I will try to disconnect the second smart meter and keep only the first one.

If a third-party inverter is used, the Solar-Log Gateway can be used. However, Victron is not listed there as a third-party manufacturer, which is why a connection is not possible.


Best regards

hm, interesting. I don't know this solar-log. I'm boing to be in Viessmann office here in Czech next Monday, so I will ask somebody from service department regarding this issue.