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HELLO I'm writing here in english because I don't know germand I hope somebody can help me. I recently install a heating and cooling system in my house with these charachteristics

Vitocal 100-s 8kw

vitodens 100-w 

vitotronic 200 woc1
external temperature sensor to use with climate curve (I measured and it's accurate)

300l for hot water

100l hybridcell ms for the heating and cooling

2 pumps (see picture) 1 for radiators, 1 for fancoils 

Radiators + 3 fancoils (enegrycal) for heating and cooling 

the house is around 75 sqm on 3 floors (think of it as a tower) 

Windows are pretty new with double glass and I recently rebuilt the roof with insulation

3 of the 4 walls are free on the outside.

The problem I have is that the heatpump is constatly switching off, I'm monitoring the power (just of the heatpump and pumps) with a shelly em and everything is integrated with home assistant.
as you can see from the graph the compressor doesn't modulate but goes really hi and switches off. I've tried many many different curves. I tried also to change the speed of the pumps but nothing changes. I also thought it was the thermostat but now it's completely bypassed as well, basically it's always calling for more heat. With an outside temp around 6-7 C for example I'm consuming over 35 kwh/ day. My main concern is the longevity of the compressor. I see many many starts of it. I also noticed that the temps in and out of the 100l hybridcell (indicated in the vitotronic) are almost always 1-3 degrees difference not more (should it be 5 right?)modulation.jpgIMG_20230207_133450.jpg
I've also created a complete google sheet with all the settings that I have now in the vitotronic with the service manual page number (it's in italian, sorry). I hope anybody smarter than me can give me some advice on what is wrong. Thank you


here are my settings :


I think I solved my issue just raising the parameter 7209 from 0 to 40. What I would like to know is, what is the minimum generating power/power draw of my heatpump, or better what is achievable. In the past  few days was warmer (+10C) and I never saw it going less than 1.3 kw instant power consumption...