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Use of vitocell modular 100-VE with a vitocal 262-A and vitocal 250-A

Hi all,


Sorry for the English but as I am French, I guess it's the best choice :).

I plan to change my installation to a combinaison of the 262-A T2W and the 250-A.

Seeing the performance of the 262-A are not the best when the temperature goes low, I would like to use the 250-A to heat the water when it's cold outside.

So the idea is to use a vitocell connected to the two systems. Then I saw the Vitocel modular 100-VE, and I wonder if it is possible to use this specific model for this configuration. Of course I'm talking about the main cylinder. Not the buffer on the top which will be used for the heater


The question is, do you think this configuration is possible?