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heating.power.consumption.dhw via API



I'm developing an app for Homey to read data and control my Viessmann Vitocal 222-A AWOT-E-AC 221-A16.

I have tried to find the answer in the forum but since I don't speak German it is hard to understand all the answers. I'm looking for the possibility to read heating.power.consumption.dhw and heating.power.consumption.heating via the API (using the API at


I can see the information in my ViCare app so the data is obviously available somewhere.


Does anyone know how to get thees datapoints? They are both labeled with 'Basic' in the data points development doc (


It is not included when calling:{{installationId}}/gateways/{{gatewaySerial}...


And I get the 'FEATURE_NOT_FOUND' error when calling:{{installationId}}/gateways/{{gatewaySerial}...


Any help would be very much appreciated!


Best regards,



Hi @PelleRosengren,

I think I have the same issue or I think it is an issue with the Vitocaldens 222-f. I saw the power consumption in the viCare app, but I don't get the values via API-Call (curl or browser) with the Basic-Plan.


Today, I have signed a 30 days trial test for the API Advanced-Plan and now, I have the values. But not via the feature 'heating.power.consumption.dhw' or 'heating.power.consumption.heating'. I get the right values of the power consumption via 'heating.compressors.0.power.consumption.dhw.week' or 'heating.compressors.0.power.consumption.heating.week' AND the Advanced-Plan.


I don't know, but I think, the power consumption values for the Vitocaldens 222 isn't part of the Basic-Plan.


regards Hannes



Thank you @hsch09 for the additional information. It would be helpful if Viessmann could clarify thees device model dependancies. Since these consumption details are accessible in the ViCare app, I was hoping they could also be available through the Basic API tier. It would be immensely helpful for customers to monitor and optimize energy use, contributing to both cost savings and environmental benefits. Could someone from Viessmann clarify the availability of these data points for different models?

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,


I´m completely agree with you!! If I can see the values of the consumptions in the ViCare-App, it doesn`t make sense to store these values not in the Basic API tier.

Maybe @Flo_Schneider or @MichaelHanna can help us?

Dear Pelle,

I am from the Netherlands ans also want to connect my Viessmann Vitocal 250-A to Homey.

I Just started with programming an d want to know how far you got. Pherhaps we can join our ideas and build the app together.
Greeting Edwin

Hi @Edwin-nl 

My intension is to make my code available at GitHub for anyone to use and contribute. All help to make the integration better is appreciated. I have a Homey app up and running but it is currently only reading outside temp and hot water temp from the API (see attached). Needs though some optimisation in how the data is requested. I'm currently on vacation but when I'm back home I can try to make it available on GitHub. I will let you know when I have made it available. 

Best regards,