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ViCare app doesn't connect to the heater


I am trying for 2h now to connect the app to the central heater without success. I have looked at videos and guides, I'm doing the same, yet it still won't connect.

I have a Vitodens 100-W, I'm going into AP mode, the app asks me to connect, it says connected and then I get to the WiFi page where I have to input the WPA2 password into the Viessmann-XXXX network. I do that, go back to the app, press Continue and either the page resets again to the WiFi page or it tries to search for the device until it tells me it can't.

I have deleted the app 3 times, I have deleted the WiFi connection, connected before the setup, reset the Vitodens heater, pressed Continue non stop, waited non stop to connect, nothing works.

You can see in the video recording, at second 10, that the smartphone is already connected to a Viessmann network, from the first time it asks to connect to the device, but I'm not actually connected, I have to press the 2nd network.

The first minute of the video shows the issue, the rest is just random stuff I try, nothing works.

The pictures show how the app asks me to connect to the device, I press yes, I get to WiFi config, I select the new WiFi network (even though one is already there, from the prev connect) and in the end, it doesn't connect, gives error.

The video is too big to upload here, so I put it on a website.


Thank you,