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Need help with Eurola 24kw LGM18 platine

Hi My Eurola since a few days does not reckonize the heater is actually on. The service man told me the ionizer signal is not detected by the LGM18 PCB. In fact he says the heater is starting off but **bleep** a second it goes off because the PCB does not seem to see that the heater is actually on. He has replaced the fan thinking this might be the problem but could not resolve and now he points at the LGM18 PCB which unfortunately he is not able to find anywhere. I have tried to check the PCB and noticed that the R600 resistor seems burnt out (or overheated) and when I measure it I find 18k ohm. Is this the correct value ? (the colors of the resistor are not easy to read but they seem to be brown-grey-white which means 0.18 ohm. Please help, I am desperate (and cold! ;-))



The module can only be replaced. Repair work is prohibited.
In addition, you risk the insurance coverage.
Here you will not receive any further support for the repair of the LGM.


you can ask here for a repair

A spare part for the lgm ist no longer available.