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Local connection to VitoConnect



I hope that I am in the right section of the forum, since it does not seem to have an English language option.


As Viessmann API has rate limitations, is there any plans to let us connect to the VitoConnect device on our homes directly with a simple http request to get the necessary data?


This would let us get the data for our devices without limitations and also would simply reduce the load on Viessmann API.


Hi @keremerkan, you are correct here and thanks for your question!

There are no plans for the Vitoconnect to support local connections. The API that is provided is solely cloud-based.

However I understand the request of having a local connection as well. There is a gateway module "Vitogate" that provides local connection through different possible protocols. Have a look at

I hope this helps.



I understand that when Vitogate is in use, VitoConnect cannot be used. So this would not be a feasible solution and also having another device to connect while VitoConnect is readily available would complicate things.


I am pretty sure most people using Viessmann API are home users that only want to expose their heating system to HomeKit or those that would like to gather historical data to optimize their system. Viessmann API is unfortunately cumbersome and prone to errors and rate limits while doing this.


While I understand that it is completely cloud based at the moment, I am pretty sure the device would be able to handle a simple local http query without any authentication, that would just serve a json result like the API. Hope you will consider this in a future update. This will decrease the load substantially on the API and let us use our devices much more efficiently.