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Service health information

Where can I find an information about service health?


Again the API has returned 502 or 504 error to my query for almost two hours.


Also the ViCare application is unavailable. There is text "Connection error. Your smartphone is not connected to the server." The app has link to the "checklist", which has one item:
"Check whether the server is currently being maintained. To do so, check your email."

I have never received any email about that, where can I subscribe to notifications?


Vitoconnect module is connected to a working wifi so that couldn't be the problem. I have rebooted vitoconnect twice already.


Edit: I'm able to get the access_token and refresh_token but the call to doesn't work.


2nd edit: now gives 404 error.


Ich habe das gleiche Problem! Die Stabilisierung der Viessmann Server ist immer noch sehr gut!