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Vitovent 300-W not working with fully functionality


I have a Vitovent 300-W H32S C400, it has been installed during last November into our family house. At the beginning of February an error message popped up during the evening, which stated that an exhaust fan issue. I contacted our supplier, they:
1 - replaced the fan - issue remained
2 - replaced the other fan - issue remained
3 - replaced the motherboard - issue remained
4 - motherboard has been configured somehow - issue disappeared, both fans started to work but in the LB1 overview section it showed zeros, so the values were zeros and it does not saw what the system does, after three days it stopped again with the same issue.
5 - changed again everything (fans, motherboard) - currently it seems to working but the values are still zeros, the "Set room temperature" menu point disappeared and the system does not rely on LB1 config so it runs in full power even on the 1st, lowest level but it's strange because only the blow in part, the exhast is seems to be stopped.

If I attach pictures, is it possible to check the motherboard configuration? There are different, very smal switches.

On the other hand, is it worth to connect it to a Vitocal 200-s heat pump?


Hello tmsblgh,


you are welcome to attach pictures. Also let me know the serial number of the Vitovent.


Many greetings