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Compatibility VITOLADENS 333-F with newer VITOTROL 200

Hi, I recently bought a house with a VITOLADENS 333-F which uses as a remote currently a VITOTROL 200, the analog type (with the wheel).


I checked the cabeling, it's the pretty basic 1-2-3-4, using only 1-2 at the moment.


I saw videos about VITOTROL 200A (with digital display) and it also has the same cabling setup 1-2-3-4. 

My amateur conclusion is that if I just connect the cables the same way as it is connected now, it's going to work.


I would like to confirm with you experts if indeed my VITOLADENS 333-F will be compatible with the VITOTROL 200A or another more modern compatible version.


Attached a picture of the current cabeling of my vitotrol 200 for reference.


Thanks in advance!


Hi, anyone would be able to help me confirm compatibility? Or is there another channel?