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Outside Temperature Sensor value displayed on the Status bar of your phone


Is it possible to somehow adjust the Vicare app (or Android OS/ IOS) to display the outside temperature read by the outside temperature sensor on the Status bar of my phone (up top, by the digital clock or aside the battery precentage)?  To be able to see it anytime?


If not, this would be a splendid idea for the API programmers.


Best regards,



Hi @JakobJost ,


Thanks for the request. I am not sure where exactly you would like to visualize the outside temperature. Could you maybe share an image of that?


In general, there is no option to show the outside temperature somewhere else in the ViCare app as far as I know.


Best regards,



Hi Michael!

I've made a screenshot with an arrow showing the location on the status bar  where I think would be a great idea to show the outside temperature sensor value.





A good example is, if you download the Weather Underground app. You get this feature as default showing the weather station temperature in the status bar.

Screenshot_20211122-083149_Samsung Internet.jpg

Here it shows 8°C.


Best regards,




Hi @JakobJost ,


Thank you for further explanations of your feature suggestion.


As this is concerning ViCare, could you send the suggestion to




Best regards