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Request Data Point ""


I learned that Viessmann one should request new features for the API in this forum.

Since i am using the api a long time i want to request the data point:

It is available in ViCare and i use this to inform the members of my family that the hot water is not as hot as normally 😉

Thanks for your support



Hi @MK176 ,


This forum is open for all topics around the API and developing, although our goal is to also encourage discussions that go beyond feature requests 🙂


As stated in the other threads, I'm happy to take your request for additional features, even though for the time being, I cannot tell you if/how additional features will be made available.


With the public API, we are at the beginning and start to build up the service for our users. Our plan is to enhance our offering, also in terms of features that are provided.


I found this feature described in the Viessmann Data Points Documentation. It is not working if I request the associated information. Is this already implemented. I can see it in ViCare.

Produktname: Vitodens 200-W B2HF-25 2,5-25kW.

Thanks for your support

Hi @BlueTang , this feature is currently available if you have subscribed to the Advanced package of our. In the overview of data points the API documentation, this feature has the label "Advanced".  You can find more information about our packages here.

I hope this helps.