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AQUAHOME SMART water softener data access via API

Hello Support Team,


Any idea if there are any plans for Aquahome (devices with WiFi and the iQua app) that we will get an access to the data via API?





@Yoseph Thanks for your request. Currently there is no timeline about if and when the Developer Portal API supports water softener devices.


Do you see the water softener in your ViCare app? Which data/information would be relevant for you and what would be your use case?


Best regards,



Hello Michael,


Thanks for your answer. Having water softener details in the native ViCare app would be a very nice feature, one thing is that ViCare app UX is significantly better than iQua app, another aspect is that having multiple Viessmann devices, all details would be in one place. The most beneficial thing would be having API access to the data that already exists there. The crucial data would be information about current water usage, historical water usage statistics, and salt levels including the number of remaining days to top the salt up. Water usage awareness, analysis, and a notification about high-level water usage over a short period would promote a water-saving attitude, and would also help better understand the correlation between hot water [liter/minute] and gas [m³] consumption. Knowing the current water flow I could also create a notification once the current water flow rate is near the softener limits to do not cause a temporary bypass in the softening process. Additionally, I am also working on integration various household products with smart home systems, my plan would be putting on pause the washing machine/dishwasher/watering garden once the softener is close to its flow rate limits. On top of that, any unexpected water flow measured could also remotely trigger the main water valve close procedure which could minimize home flooding risk.


If such required, I am happy to be a part of the development and be a beta tester 😊


Cheers, Yoseph.

Hi @MichaelHanna,


I have similar use cases to @Yoseph Currently have a water softener and mainly want read current water usage, historical water usage statistics, and salt level.

I know that to measure current water usage I can install in my water installation additional water meter but each of these kinds of stuff impacts and decrease water flow in installation so of course better is to reuse this mounted inside water softener.


Viessmann if you want to avoid additional costs related to the maintenance of API you can provide for example update for aqua home water softener firmware and add a feature like Matter standard.

This solution gives your clients the possibility to integrate inside their local networks and read all measured data by your devices.




Hello @MichaelHanna 
Any updates in terms of adding Aquahome to the API?
Or that will never happen since that is just Viessman branded product made by someone else?

Hello, I have heard that Viessmann just released upgraded Aquahome water softeners and it has a new electronic inside, the same as in the heaters which are already using the ViCare app so the new water softeners will be natively available via the ViCare app. Any idea if anything is going to happen for previous versions using the iQua app, will that data be moved to ViCare?