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How to read out my Vitodata 100 data with iobroker ?

There must be a solution. There are 2 iobroker adapter available, which could enable this (see below).

One adapter needs access to  Vito.xml (how to read out/find this xml?), the other uses the API.

I did register for the API, but please how to connect my Vitodata100 with this API?

Which options to select in this adapter?

(I own a Vitocom 100, which I can control and read out via Viessmann APP. This data should be available for iobroker?

Thanks for any help



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Hi @pingo, Thanks for reaching out here in this forum!

I cannot give you information on the adapters that are offered in the ioBroker as Viessmann is not officially supporting them. But fact is Vitocom/Vitodata is a separate solution that unfortunately is not compatible with the public API we are offering.

To be able to use the API, your system must be connected with a Vitoconnect gateway module. More infos about the Vitoconnect can be found here (sorry, page is in German).

I hope this helps.



Generally the "Viessmannapi" adapter v2.0.9 is the one to use for current products.

I have this adapter installed and in Option my API Account is logged in.
But please how to connect this to my Viessmann Data, which I can see in the Viessmann APP "Vitotrol" ?

Please read MichaelHanna's answer above. I read it to mean that you CAN NOT connect your Viessmann data directly as it does not use the same API which iobroker adapters require.


Probably you would need to install the Vitoconnect gateway module first.