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Datapoints for Error flags

I recently had to switch to the new API to read out the operating data (temperatures, heat pump on/off, ...) from my Viessmann Heat Pump. One info that is important to me is to know if the heat pump is not working due to the demand of my electricity provider (EVU Sperre) or because heating is not necessary. Getting the information was straight forward: read out all current errors and look for an error "c5" that indicated the EVU Sperre.

Unfortunately, I cannot find a way to read out the currently active errors in the new API at all. Did I miss anything or is this feature not yet available?


Hi @JensDorfmueller ,


for errors and other events, you can check our "Events" endpoint, which is documented here:

Hello @MichaelHanna ,

thank you very much for your answer. It took me a while to get around to try the Events endpoint and to be sure that I have not overlooked anything. Now I am able to use the "Events" to see the errors and other events. Unfortunately, the error code C5 (this is the note "EVU Sperre") is not listed in the event list even if it is active right now.

Is there any other endpoint where I can see also this warning C5?

After reading the documentation more carefully, I found out that there is a "gateway serial" side and an "installation id" side of the events endpoint with two different filters that are applied. I have to admit, I only looked on the "gateway serial" side until now. But reading the description of the filter for the "installation id" side, I am not very optimistic to find the warning C5 on this side.

Hi @JensDorfmueller ,


Thanks for sharing the updated from your side. It is correct that you have to request the gateway events and the installation events separately through the events endpoint.


Were you able to retrieve the error you are looking for with using the events endpoint for installations?

Hello @MichaelHanna ,

I tried at noon time (when I do expect the EVU Sperre to be active). The list of gateway events showed several events, including a 2.5 years old device-error. The installation events list was completely empty.

The error c5 was nowhere to be found.

Thanks for the info. Are you able to see the error on the ViCare app, or on the heating system interface? In the history, or when it is currently active?

I can see it on the system interface as "note" ("Hinweis") when the error is active. It says "EVU Sperre" and "C5".

It is not visible in the ViCare App, neither when it is active nor in the history.

Before I had to switch to the new API, it was shown as c5 among the historic errors when the "EVU Sperre" was active. As soon as it was not active anymore, it also disappeared from the list of errors. That made it very easy for me to poll for the current status of the "EVU sperre". For my application, a private energy consumption analysis tool, I do need to know when my electricity provider is de-activating my heating and when he is not. So, at the moment I have to add the periods of the "EVU sperre" to my database by hand.

Don't get me wrong, the new API with its documentation is clearly a step forward, in general. But not being able to read out the C5 error would be a step backward for me.

Thank you for the further explanations. I forwarded the topic to our IT support to have a closer look why the error is not visible via App or API. I will let know you as soon as I got feedback on this.

No news about this error problem that does not appear?

@nerixs it appears that the notification "C5" is filtered out and therefore not visible via app/API. On the device the notification should be present.

We are still investigating the topic. I will let you know about any further updates. Thanks for the patience!
@JensDorfmueller FYI

I raise the subject with hope!


The subject is almost six months old, we are very patient.