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Ventilation: No command offers for single levels, only for eco, comfort and holiday


I am discovering the Viessmann IoT API with the ioBroker adapter v2.0.9.

My question belongs to the ventilation data points and commands.


In the ViCare App I can the the active ventilation level (1-4). In the schedules I can choose between the levels 1-4.

When I check the current level by API I get the same information as in App:

"" is "levelThree".


But there is no option to activate one of those levels by command. For example "viessmannapi.0.12345678.0.features.ventilation.operating.programs.levelFour.isEnabled" is true. But there is no command offered to activate: "viessmannapi.0.12345678.0.features.ventilation.operating.programs.levelFour.commands" is empty.


I can only run commands to activate mode "eco", "comfort" and "holiday": "".


Could you explain the relation between "modes" and "levels"? And why is it not possible to activate a specific level (like it is described in documentation: "Shows whether the levelFour program is active. Also provides the commands to enable/disable the program").





P.S.: Maybe this post will be answered: