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Low-loss header temperature sensor information in the API

Hello Team,


Would it be possible to add low-loss header temperature sensor information to the API data points please? This information comes from a dedicated low-loss header temperature sensor connected to the EM-M1 mixer module extension kit (do not confuse with existing "heating.sensors.temperature.hydraulicSeparator"  as it seems to be something different).


The use case is to optimize boiler gas consumption by switching on/off low-loss header build-in electric coil heater, it would also help managing PV system produced electric energy auto consumption level. The information about a temperature within low-loss header is a crucial here.


Thank you,



Hi @Yoseph,


Thanks for your patience. A question upfront is it possible for you to get the data you defined via the ViCare app? 


Best regards,



Hello Michael,


Unfortunately, I also do not see low loss header temperature information in the ViCare Application - temperature sensor for the low loss header is connected to EM-M1 mixer TS3 LV connection and there are no any details in the API as well no any details in the ViCare App.


On the other hand, I have also a second flow temperature sensor connected to same EM-M1 mixer into TS1 LV connection and this information I can see in both ViCare App as well as in the API ("feature": "").


Exposing TS3 LV connection details for the low loss header temperature sensor in the API datapoints would be great, the additional benefit for regular users would be having it also in the ViCare App as well.


Thank you!