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register an new OAuth 2.0 client

Ik wil mijn nieuwe VitoConnect verbinden met mijn Home Assistant. Om dit voor elkaar te krijgen, moet ik een nieuwe OAuth 2.0-client registreren in de Developer Portal. Wanneer ik de hyperlink ( gebruik, verschijnt de gewenste knop niet. Hoe kan ik dit oplossen? Hartelijk dank,





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The IT department of Viessmann fixed the issue. Many thanks!

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Based on the screenshot the interactive elements do not load, those seem to be loaded using XHR requests with the client-side javascript.



Please make sure you do not run any browser extensions which might block those elements. You could try running a browser window in private mode, most of the time the extensions are not enabled automatically for private mode.


Also try using chrome's dev tools to check what element might not be loaded. This short YT clip might help in case you aren't familiar with dev tools:

Many thanks for your response. However: I don't think it 's an browser issue. I have the same response on my mobile device in Safari and Chrome. In Windows the issue persits on Edge and Firefox. I have checked my Edge browser, no plugins and no popup blocker installed.





Maybe there is something wrong with my account? 

@MichaelHanna responded my mail: the issue seems to be that I need to accept the terms of use. However It is impossible for me to get the popup. Does anybody know a way to get the question, so that I can accept the terms of use? Many thanks in advance,

The IT department of Viessmann fixed the issue. Many thanks!