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Login request fail with system error



First of all, I am French, I sadly do not speak German and I have some doubts on how google translate behaves. Well, sorry for that!


Secondly, I have trouble creating the first authentication request:


Here is my request:[client-iad-as-seen-in-developer-board]&redirect_uri=[valid-uri]&scope=IoT%20User%20offline_access&reponse_type=code&code_challenge_method=S256&code_challenge=[generated-with-python-pkce]

The challenge is generated with:  Which seems to match the requirements for Viessmann API.

But I am faced 99.99999% of the time by this page:



Roughly translated by "System error, try again later".
I managed to get the login page once. But my callback code was not created at this time.


Is my request wrongly made? Is the API just down?


Note that my account is not linked to any hardware at the moment. (Buying the house where I will install heat pump there, but code do not need to wait 😃 )

Is there a sandbox api ?

Thanks for your help !